Discussion created by Louis1988 on Nov 15, 2016
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I thought I'd send out a big WELCOME to our group.  Look, it's only been 24hrs and we already have 4 people in our group!  That's awesome!!  It's encouraging to see some interest in our group.  You all are great folks and I'm grateful to God that He has placed us in each other's lives.  God is always in control and always knows just what we need.  And He knows what we are most tempted with and He always gives us a way of escape from any and all temptations......including smoking!!!  So what better place to start a Gospel Group than here with the great folks of the Ex Community.  I've never experienced such kind-hearted people than this website and you all make it so much easeir to quit with all your support and encouragement. If you have an idea, thought, verse, message, feel free to let us know what it is!!!  :)