triggers and coping with them

Discussion created by kimormanward on May 19, 2012
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we are all facing many negative triggeres in our lives that cause us to want to smoke a cigarette. but we dont have to. we have to identify the triggers and then use coping skills so that you dont smoke. for example, most of us get up in the a.m. and automatically smoke. but instead go strait to the bathroom brush your teeth and start getting ready for the days. smoking after a meal, go for a walk either alone or with your family. the hardest one i have a hard time dealing with is when my kids fight and scream at one another, so my husband always tells me to go for a walk he will deal with them. its wonderful having a support system. i will talk about that next time. always remember that you can always pray and turn this over to god. he never gives us more than we can handle.