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Discussion created by schoney50 on Apr 30, 2013
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I am so thrilled at how all of you have joined together to help and support each other!! What an amazing group of people...and the best part is becoming NON SMOKERS together and sharing our triumphs and challenges.....keep blogging and let all of us know how you are getting through the days and urges and habit triggers...each one of us has something of value to contribute...

Thank you to the long time EX Smokers who stop by to encourage and offer guidance to all of us...they give us the knowledge that a wonderful clean breathing life is waiting just past our QUIT DAY....and WE CAN DO IT!!!!  They did and WE can too!

I am now on DAY 35..still surprised and shocked that something I did for 47 years is no longer part of my daily life...and loving every minute of it!  I had one week of vacation with my Dad and Dad loved the "old me" he knew before I ever started smoking and my huband is loving the "new me" who he met after I was already smoking...and I LOVE the freedom of just being relaxed..yes you DO feel more relaxed after you quit!!! And I love just breathing in deep breaths and not getting light headed from the oxygen my lungs are happy to receive body works better...I was worried last week... new feelings in  my body...leg cramps( caused not by blood clots but by THE EXERCISE I AM NOW GETTING!!!!!!)......flash headaches..(.not a brain tumor...MY NOSE IS WORKING AND CAN BREATHE IN POLLEN ) a little allergy medicine and some sinus rinse and I am feeling younger and have a spring in my walk... Of course it would have been nice if I figured it out before the doctor sent me for an MRI of my brain and xrays of my legs and scans of my arteries....can't be too careful when dealing with an older long smoking lady....but I have a clean bill of I just have the health bills to think about...and smile about because I AM healthy!!!!   After 47 years of abusing my body I am well and blessed....

Keep in touch..let me know what is going on in your lives..I miss hearing from you!!!


Barbara in SC  (Schoney50)