HI NEWBIES..Let's introduce ourselves

Discussion created by schoney50 on Apr 6, 2013

Now that we have 9 members already...each of us should tell all about our smoking history and why you decided to quit now and how many days since you quit or when your quit date is...I started smoking as a young teenager..after a Girl Scout meeting !  Nothing against GS..I loved them and still do!  The cool kids were outside the school building and taunted and enticed us to try just one puff....well of course I wanted to be totally cool plus a Girl Scout..... so I puffed and puffed ( I think it was a Camel unfiltered!!)and then like a typical idiot I inhaled..needless to say I was a GREEN as my uniform...but very welcomed by the cool kids for being the one brave one who tried...where are those cool kids now!!???  I really hope there are some of them on here who at 47 years later are deciding to finally be really cool and not smoke and cough and have trouble keeping up walking through the mall or through a beautiful park.  If I knew where they were now I would invite them to join us and learn the EX way to become healthy just like we all  were before we took that first puff.  Having 5 awesome grandbabies age 11-18 I want to be around them as much as I can and enjoy my "golden years" with my husband of 43 is just so good when you are healthy and having don't even need to spend $ everyday on it and make cigarete runs in the middle of the night!!

Let me know what started you and why are are becoming such an amazing non smoker now!


Barbara in SC  (Schoney50)