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Discussion created by schoney50 on May 2, 2013
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Today I got an upsetting email from another member of EX questioning the motives of this group...are we all really here to quit smoking and support each other or is this just a social group???!!

I know that each one of the members of this group has told me why they are they are quitting and we are becoming friends individually as well as in the group...everytime I get a message from one of you who tells me how you are getting through a stressful or happy time..every time I get a message of how your vacation went and what your results from physical tests are ..we connect in a way that only a group of people NEW to quitting can..Please blog on this site ....all of you...each one of the 44 members to prove to the ones who question if we are really sincere about becoming non smokers..just put your quit date and if it applies how many days since your last cigarette..and yes all the days before you slipped do DID not smoke those days..and you did NOT give up and just go back to smoking....we are not weak people..we are STRONG!!!  This is not the first attempt to quit by many of the members but it is the LAST time we will quit because it DOES AND WILL WORK for all of us....TOGETHER!!!  I am on DAY 36 of not lighting up a cigarette and I love my life and I am proud that I am doing can too!!


Barbara in SC (Schoney50)