A Quit Dialogue In IV Acts - ACT III, sc 3

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        Act I       
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        Act II, sc 2     
        Act II, sc 3     
        Act III, sc 1    
        Act III, sc 2    
       Act III, Scene 3     
        In the thick of No Man’s Land Several months later.  
QUITTER: (struggling greatly)  I don’t understand.  WHY am I still craving???  I’ve been quit for several months now and this past week I’ve felt like I did at the beginning of my quit.  WHEN WILL THIS END???      

NICODEMON: (smiles knowingly)  
QUITTER: What are you smiling at???!!!   
NICODEMON: (sweetly) Nothing. 
QUITTER: I hate you. 
NICODEMON: Tsk tsk tsk, poor baby.
        This response ticks QUITTER off.  He pledges in the Take the Daily Pledge and writes a Blog on EX.  Members explain No Mans Land Days 30 to 130 (approximate)  and send jokes.  QUITTER carries on with renewed grim perseverance.  He goes back to using those tactics he did at the beginning of his quit to fend off the DEMON.  Re-reads some of his ealier blogs.  They help.  He eats another Krispy Kreme.  
NICODEMON  celebrates his 100,000th quitter who gave up.  His fellow DEMONS send him black-wrapped packages of emphysema and COPD to replenish his arsenal.  He’s pleased to read 15 more people have died of lung cancer.  Another 13 year old lights up.  A 54 year old who has been smoking for 40 years discovers EX.    
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