Day 2 not smoking

Discussion created by dawn119 on Dec 24, 2014
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Day 2 , I've been up for almost  2 hours, the craving is still very strong and driving me crazy. I ate an apple, did a few dishes, just to try to get my mind off smoking, it helped some, the craving is still strong. So, I decided to write a blog about my progress so far on my second day, I really believe this website and the support here, will help more than anything, in kicking the habit. I wonder how many days before the cravings won't be as strong as it is now ? Has anyone took  Zyban SR 150 Mg twice a day to help to quit smoking? At first it seemed to be helping, I cut way down on my smoking, from a pk. a day, to 2 cigarettes a day , as far as the withdrawl symptoms , I thought it would help more than it seems to be doing..  I was also wondering if anyone here is at the stage that I'm at, and how they are coping.. I dread working tonight, for one I hope that I don't get in a ill mood, second we're having a small Christmas pot luck dinner at work, I know that I'll fix my plate, and go back to the other side of the building, which is where I'm working tonight anyway, I don't want to be around the people that I work with that smoke, I know as weak as I am right now I would give in to the temptation..