A Quit Dialogue in IV Acts - Prologue

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  Gonna put this out as separate blogs so it's not too much to read all at once. (To get to the next part of the play click on the link provided at the bottom of each dialogue.  Or on the following links:

   Act I
   Act II, Sc 1
   Act II, Sc 2
   Act II, Sc 3
   Act III, Sc 1
   Act III, Sc 2
   Act III, Sc 3  

   Act IV, Sc 2







  QUITTER -  You, a person of any age, your quit brain, your positive questioning mindset


  NICODEMON - Himself, the smoking brain, the addict’s brain, your negative fearful mindset



QUITTER: I should quit


 NICODEMON: You can’t.  You don’t really want to.  You won’t be able to.


QUITTER: It’s hurting my health


NICODEMON: Oh not that much.  So you have a little cough, no big deal.  So you get out of breath once in a while, lots of people do who don’t even smoke.


 QUITTER: But I have friends who have emphysema.  And just look at all the people in the stores carrying around oxygen.


NICODEMON: Yeah but that’s THEM.  They just had bad luck or bad genes.  They probably smoked more than you anyway.  And never took vitamins.   And never exercised.  Exercise makes everything ok.  Besides I know people who have lung cancer and never smoked a day in their life.


QUITTER: Yeah, but I want to try to quit


NICODEMON (laughs) Go ahead...try.  You’ll never make it.  You’re not that strong.


QUITTER: Maybe I’ll learn I’m stronger than I think


NICODEMON: Yeah, right.  You’re already scared just THINKING about quitting.  Imagine how awful that first day is gonna be.  You’ll never make it past a couple of days, or a couple of weeks at the most.  I mean, come on... you’ve tried before, right?  And never gotten anywhere.


QUITTER: Yeah, you’re right.  I did try before.  But not very hard.   And I AM scared thinking about it.  But I know it’s the right thing to do.  I know I need to quit.  And I think I can do it.  I really DO.  I’ve read too much about the ill affects of smoking to just ignore it.  


NICODEMON: Ok.  Have fun.  But actually it won’t be any fun at all.  It’ll be just AWFUL.  You’ll be pining away for a cigarette ALL THE TIME.  But (  sweetly) - go right ahead.  


QUITTER: OK.  I “get” that it might not be a whole lot of ‘fun.’  But I also GET that smoking is gonna kill me one day or another.  And the sooner I stop, the better. 


NICODEMON:   (having heard it all before..) Yada yada yada.....


QUITTER makes a lackluster attempt to quit AGAIN and fails.