Quitters are Us!

Discussion created by jhardin20 on Feb 4, 2014
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Hi everyone and thanks for reading our blog!  

I wasn't exactly sure what kind of blog to write for this group.  Honestly, I never thought anyone would join. I started the group to get another badge but look at us now with 4 members!  I think it is wonderful that all of you are here now and that people continue to show an interest being in our little group of quitters.  I look forward to meeting new people as they venture out as a quitter of nicotine.

If you guys have any suggestions, comments, encouraging words that is what we are here for.  This site seems to be great for showing support.  I know it's helped me quite a bit and I have met some really nice people.

I think it's great we have this forum for expressing what we are going through after quitting nicotine.  

I am on day 40 of my quit and going strong.  I unintentionally became an inspiration to several friends, 2 of whom are trying to quit now.  I think it's so cool that I set out to make my life better and in the process inadvertently inspired others to also get healthier.  I love it!  

You can do anything you put your mind to!