still a newbee... and just now starting my day number 8...

Discussion created by jenchristy79 on Dec 8, 2012
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i'm still having some bad cravings everyday...  thursday i was having a craving and started to walk to my back door where i kept my ashtray...  i was going to smoke a butt because i had smoked all my cigaretts last saturday night... as i got to the door i realized what i was doing and stopped myself... first of all i threw away the ashtray, cig butts, and lighters... so what was i going to do out there...  then today at work the smokers at Panera bread smoke by the dumpsters...  so on my break i walked out back and thought if someone is out smoking i will smoke just one...  thank god no one was out there and i also took it as a "god thing" because i went out back twice and still no one was there... which was realy unusual...  so now i'm thanking god for me not smoking thursday or today...  it must be his will for me to quit this time... which means i'll make it finally =)