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I'm here because I want to quit. I've never been good at quitting... anything. Here is Why do I want to quit?

     Because I have had baby-fever for two years- or more. My husband and I have recently decided that we are going to try for a child. My first thought- AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I have smoked for almost three years, I weigh 230 pounds, my diet is a mess, my health is a mess - at least as far as pregnancy goes. I'm totally freaked!

     As odd and cliche as it may sound, I had a dream last night. I was holding my child. I woke invigorated... and Determined. I will do anything for my child even though he or she isn't here yet. The first thing and possibly the best thing I could ever do for my baby is to get my life in order... now... BEFORE I absolutely have to consider the baby. Here are my plans:

   1. Quit smoking by 12/04/2012- about a week after my 21st birthday...

   2. Get my weight down to 150 pounds... I'll explain why in a minute

   3. Establish a healthy diet

   4. Develop a baby-friendly routine

   5. Get a Doctor's Clearance

     I am afraid my smoking, my weight, and my diet are affecting my fertility. My goal is to eliminate as many negative factors as I can. Who's joining me?

    Share your stories. Share your struggles with TTC, and quitting, and weight loss, and anything really. Let's tackle our challenges together!