A Quit Dialogue In IV Acts - ACT II, sc 1

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   Act I




  Act II Scene I   


  Quit Day - morning   


  QUITTER: (excited and pumped up) OK, here we go! DAY ONE! Oh boy! I’m ready for this. I’ve done my homework. I’ve worked the EX plan. I know my triggers. I know what to do! I’ve got my quit kit handy. Got my bottle of water and distractions and I’ve read the   Allen Carr book and I - am - gung ho! (  Excitedly puts up quit counter and writes a blog on EX to tell of his first quit day! Many encouraging responses come in. He checks in several times during the day. Has a couple of rough moments but manages to distract himself and get through. Deep breathing helps. It’s not as hard as he thought it would be.)   


  NICODEMON: (smiles bemusedly.  He knows when to speak, and when not to.)   


  (Later that evening)   


  QUITTER: (blogs again to the community) Thank you all for your support! It means a whole lot. And I’m feeling great! Day One almost done oh boy! (Then adds) My jaw is sore from eating so many hard candies! Lol    


  NICODEMON: (watches mutely)   


  QUITTER: (thinking to himself as he gets ready for bed, tired but happy) Wow! I made it. I actually made it. I am a NON SMOKER! Good night everybody.   


  NICODEMON: (a knowing silence)