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How to Put Pictures in Posts of All Kinds (Discussions, Questions, Blogs) 



This from Maggie:


Posting Graphics! Edited 


Have fun - don't get frustrated and most importantly - DO NOT SMOKE OVER IT!



image Hi! Many members here have asked me how to post graphics on the site. I thought it would be best to write a blog because there have been so many requests that I would be sorry if someone fell thru the cracks. So here it goes!




There are a couple of ways to post a picture in a blog or private message.


  The straight copy and paste!


Do a search for the image you want. Right click and copy. Go to the blog or private message and right click paste. Voila!


  Find a pic that uses a code to post?


Click on the share button. Highlight the html code, then right click and copy. Go to the blog or private message. Click on the image button (just above the blog or comment section). Paste the code in the url section, hit save. At this point usually a box with a red x will appear in the blog. Don't worry about that because when you save the picture will apprear! Cool huh!


  To post a picture on someone's message board you have to have a url code. You cannot just copy and paste a picture you find in an image search like you can in a blog or private message. Refer to the above but just highlight the code, copy and then paste it in the person's message board.


  To post a Youtube video


  Find the one you want! Click on the share button. Click on the embed button. Make sure the “use the old code” box is checked (very important) Highlight the code, then copy. Go to the blog or private message, open the image box and paste the code in the alternate text space (also very important!) When you paste you'll see a string of code. Not to worry because when you paste the video will be there!


I hope these tips will help you enjoy the fun of adding graphics to your blogs and such. If you have any questions please let me know!


Please note: These instructions do not seem to work for images already on a computer. Dale wrote a blog a while back that explained how to take a photo and upload it so that you can then post it. Here is the link to that blog.








This from Dale:  (JonesCarpeDiem AKA 138672)


Here’s how I post a picture or graphic
you need a free photobucket account (Flickr or Picassa Web May work also
then,  you need to upload your pictures from your pc that you want to use in order to obtain link codes which are the whole secret to this
If you want to get a picture from google or some other site, you need to download it by right clicking and then choosing save while you are hovered over it.
That downloads it to your desktop or temp files folder or your downloads folder.
then  upload it to photo bucket same as before
you then hover over the top edge of the picture in photobucket and there will be a dropdown list
You select share then more options and then get link code. I use the second one down (direct link for layout pages] and left click holding down will highlight it in blue then you right click over it and choose save
That puts it on you pc's temporary clipboard. then you open the little icon on the right above the text area of your blog and paste it into the top open white space by right clicking and choosing paste.
then you size it so it doesn't take up the whole page where it says height and width. put your mouse in the top one of those two and it will show you the original size of the photo example 1024 x768.
you type the size you want in the upper of the two boxes say 400 x 400 and that will adjust the bottom number automatically,
then you choose save. Voila you see your picture in the message box
if it isn't the right size choose edit and hit the backspace button to erase that attempt. recopy the link from photobucket to the photo icon and try the sizing again.  then you add any text you want and choose publish.


 If you want to add a picture on someone's message board or your own page,  you choose the third line down on photobucket not the second and copy and paste that code (html code) in the message text box on their page.


Hers another thig on the sizing of the pictures
Usually a good size for the blogs is 400 x 400 otherwise they can take over the whole blog page or someones page
*when you go to the image box to post your picture enter it in the upper white box and then left click in the top of the two boxes and you can type in the exact size you want
*For the Huevos Ranchero Blog yesterday I used 300 for the first pictures and 400 for the bottom one
You can also make small pictures larger the same way but you will lose quality.
*If its isn'twhat you wanted just backspace and it will dissappear or if you are ahead of it
you can click delete and try again