A Quit Dialogue In IV Acts - ACT I

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The prologue can be found here:  QUIT DIALOGUE PROLOGUE




     Act I - Several Years Later


  QUITTER   has been thinking about quitting since his last failed attempt.


  QUITTER: I’m actually gonna do it this time.


  NICODEMON: Do it? Do what? Quit? (  Laughs derisively). Yeah, right.....


  QUITTER: No, really. I’ve joined this quit site called BecomeAnEx and have been doing a lot of reading. There are LOTS of people who have quit there.


  NICODEMON: Uh huh. Statistics show, what, around 6%? That’s LOTS?


  QUITTER: I don’t care about statistics. Beside I can be one of those 6 percenters.


  NICODEMON: No you can’t.


  QUITTER: (emphatically) YES I CAN.


  NICODEMON: Well, you’ve never managed it before. What’s different now? Hmmmm?


  QUITTER: I’ve been reading. I’ve learned about brain receptors and how they’re activated by smoking. And dopamine and... 


  NICODEMON: Uh huh.


  QUITTER: And I’ve learned that nicotine leaves your body after 3 days. And that cravings only last a few minutes. And I’ve learned tips and tricks for getting over them.


  NICODEMON: Like what? 


  QUITTER: Well, like, drinking water, and uh, taking deep breaths, and exercise and brushing my teeth, sucking on a lemon, snapping a rubber band on my wrist ...


  NICODEMON: THAT sounds like fun.


  QUITTER: Nobody said it would be FUN! Besides there are NRT’s that can help.


  NICODEMON: And do you brush BEFORE the lemon, or after? (Chortling heartily)


  QUITTER: Both at once if necessary! You do everything necessary to get through a craving. 


  NICODEMON: (sighs) Oh, give it up. You’re just gonna turn into a really obnoxious person and drive everybody around you crazy when you ATTEMPT it. You know that.


  QUITTER: (Hesitantly) ...Yeah, I do know that....


  NICODEMON: So why go there?


  QUITTER: Because I need to quit. I can’t ignore it any more. I’ve read too much about the effects. I’ve SEEN the effects of smoking. My mother died of emphysema. My aunt died of lung cancer. My brother has COPD. My best friend had a lung transplant. My father smoked himself into his grave. My sister is on oxygen 24/7. And the people who love me - that are left - MY CHILDREN FOR EXAMPLE! want me to quit. They’ve been trying to get me to quit for years. And I’M TIRED OF BEING AN OUTCAST. I’m TIRED OF BEING A SLAVE! And I’m ready for a challenge. I’m ready to change. I’m ready to be the best I can be. I’M READY TO QUIT!


  NICODEMON: (a little worried now, but with a sneer nonetheless) Well, gooooood luck.


  QUITTER: (somewhat confidently) It’s not about luck.  It’s about commitment.


  (QUITTER  takes a magic marker and writes YES YOU CAN! on a piece of paper and tapes it to his computer. He then smokes his last cigarette - not really enjoying it all that much. He takes the rest of the pack and puts it under the kitchen tap. He looks through every pocket of his clothing then checks his car. Ah - there’s one under the seat. He looks at it longingly but then puts it under the tap too. He empties all the ash trays and hides them in drawers. Just before bed he writes a goodbye letter to his “old friend’. NICODEMON watches amusedly over his shoulder. QUITTER goes on EX, reads a few blogs then posts one about the goodbye he wrote. Everyone is encouraging. He goes to bed with hope in his heart, prepared though fearful of what the ‘morrow will bring)