A Quit Dialogue In IV Acts - ACT II, sc 3

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Act II, sc 3
Morning of quit day 3
QUITTER: (very tired, feeling somewhat beaten down, hasn’t slept well) Finally.  This is it  This is the day, if I can get through it, then the nicotine will be out of  my body.  And...and..  That’s good.  I guess.  Something good is supposed to happen when the nicotine leaves my body.  Right?  (loudly) I’LL STOP CRAVING!...  (Softly, pitifully) much.  Right?

NICODEMON: (softly) “they” say.


NICODEMON: Uh... no... sorry...but... haven’t you figured it out yet?  You’re gonna crave forever.  I mean, you know that... right?

QUITTER (fearfully, tearfully) No, please, no.  Don’t tell me that.  That’s a lie, right?  Don’t tell me that.

NICODEMON: Just saying...

(QUITTER cries copious tears, puts up sad whiney blog on EX - get’s encouragement and some tough love.  Reads about someone who didn’’t even make it through day one.   This makes him realize how much he has achieved in comparison.  It spurs his determination to continue.  Very irritable at work.  Eating everything in sight.  Nothing helps.  Feels vulnerable, shaky, unsure.  Yells at his dog when he comes home.  Apologizes.  Sits in front of the tv eating cookies.  He’ll eat better snacks tomorrow.  He sees someone smoking in a movie and the cravings intensify.  NICODEMON sits in the corner watching, smiling.  QUITTER goes to computer and looks at the responses from his earlier blog.  There are a few new ones that came in.  They buoy him up somewhat.) 

NICODEMON: Having fun?

QUITTER: Shut up.  Would you please just shut up!

NICODEMON: I told you.  Give it up.  Just give it up.  The store’s open all night.  You’ll feel so much better.

QUITTER: (looks wildly around the room for his car keys.  Finds them, picks them up, gets to the door and .... stops.  There’s a note he put there yesterday in big black letters “DON’T BE STUPID!”  He leans his back against the door and sobs.  He remembers something he read about replaying a relapse.  He does so - in his mind.  It helps.  NICODEMON is a little surprised that his suggestion to go buy a pack didn’t work.  QUITTER wipes his tears and gets into bed.  He is not particularly thrilled he’s made this decision to quit.  NICODEMON reinforces that by giving him a doozie of a nightmare.)




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