A Quit Dialogue In IV Acts - ACT II, sc 2

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   Act II sc 2 

(Next morning - Quit Day #2


QUITTER: (upon wakening)  OK!  Day 2 here we come.  Wow.  I made it through a whole day yesterday.

NICODEMON: (whispering) Ummm hmmm.   And now you’ve got another whole one to go through.... 

QUITTER: (ignoring him)  I’m ready for this!  Yes indeedy!  I know it’s gonna be a little rough, but I can handle it!  I made it through yesterday, after all.

NICODEMON: (whispering) Uh huh.  That was yesterday.  First days are exciting because you’re all charged up.  Day two is the letdown.

QUITTER: Oh STOP IT!  I can do another day.  I got through yesterday - I can get through today. 

NICODEMON: (non committal) Whatever.... 

QUITTERgets up, has hot chocolate instead of his normal coffee, goes to the computer - sees the sign he wrote the night before he quit taped to the side of it:  “YES YOU CAN”.   It makes him smile and gives him strength.  He logs onto the EX site and reads blogs.  Sees someone else on their 'day two' which makes him feel not alone.  Offers them encouragement.   Then posts the following blog:) “Hi Exer Buddies!   I made it through Day One yesterday.  Whooo Hooo!  Onto DAY TWO.  So far so good.  I’ll check back in later.  Hang in my friends!’  NICODEMON: (silence)    
At noon he heads out for lunch and has to run the gauntlet of desperate smokers lighting up outside the office building.  Normally he would be one of them.  He practically GALLOPS to his favorite eatery so as to avoid them.  By this time he usually would have managed to get in two quick cigarettes.  Lunch tasted a little better today, he noticed, now that his taste buds are reviving.  

Returning to work he see’s his co-workers taking their last longing puffs as they filter back into the building.  He tries not to think about it.  But he does.  This makes NICODEMON happy.
QUITTER: (later in the evening reads and then blogs on EX)  I’m still here.  Still quit.  I had a couple of rough spots during the day.  Almost went and bought some cigs after work because of my STUPID BOSS.  But I hung in and as a distraction I watched the minutes tick by on my quit counter, got through the cravings one by one and didn’t give in.  Can’t wait to get into bed and shut off my brain!  Is flatulence normal at this stage?  

NICODEMON (grins)  

(QUITTER   Gets a lot of support and reassurance from the community and goes to bed another day smoke free.  He feels very grateful that he has gotten this far.)




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