Starting Over.......Again

Discussion created by leisha_9_17_2013 on Feb 21, 2013
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Quit AGAIN February 18th. This is my last of many quits. One thing I have learned from all of my quits: Never get complacent, and never leave your support system. My most successful quit was three years. I quit visiting the site I used then to help me quit, I was bored with it and simply didn't think I needed it. It had been three years, Surely I had "this"! It was a year or so after that, I became complacent, out with friends for drinks, thought I can have just one. WRONG! Quit down the toilet. That was in 08, and here I am quitting. I have to stay here, keep my reenforcement no matter how long it's been. I have to remember 2 years from now that I am STILL an addict and still need help to remain free from the nicotine. I will live by the motto: N.O.P.E......Not One Puff Ever!