A Quit Dialogue In IV Acts - ACT III, sc 1

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ACT III, sc 1

Quit Day Four

QUITTER:  I MADE IT!  I’m onto day four.  And the nicotine is out of my body.  YES!!!!  I’m free.   I feel fantastic!  I GOT THIS!

NICODEMON: (bored)  Uh huh.

QUITTER: No, really, I’ve gotten lots of support from people who have gone through this themselves.  They’ve given me great advice and spurred me on.  I keep reading and learning more and I’ve made a commitment here.  This isn’t like the other times.  This is different.  I’m COMMITTED TO THIS.  And even after three days I can feel the difference.  I’m beginning to smell things I never smelled before.  And taste things anew.  I breathe better.   And I just...feel...different.  And it feels GOOD.

NICODEMON: (hardly paying any attention as he's busy whispering his lies in another quitter's ears)  Uh huh.

QUITTER: And you know what?  You are becoming - well I’m learning to shut you out.

NICODEMON: (snorts, amused no end) SHUT ME OUT???  Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me.  Shut ME out?  (Laughs uproariously!)  Oh, puhleeze.  You can’t shut me out.  Ever.  (Gasping and choking with laughter.)  You are so...desperately naive in your positivity!  Don’t you get it?  I’m here for your duration, sweet meat.  I’ll niggle your brain like a constant current.  I’ll sit on the back of your mind forever.  (lovingly mean)   That - “Oh, if only I could have a cigarette...” thought will be with you to the end of time.

QUITTER doesn’t know what to say.  Feels lonely.  Wants to go out to that party his friend is giving but decides it’ll be too risky with all those smokers that will be there, and knows that if he has a couple of drinks his defenses will be down and he’ll be more vulnerable to NICODEMON’S whispering lies.  “There will be other parties” he tells himself.  He blogs on EX and gets through that evening but is not happy and is having far too many smoking thoughts.  Not unusual at this stage of the journey.  But he perseveres because he’s been told countless times by his fellow quitters who have ‘been there’ that if you hang in long enough it gets better and easier.  He strives for that.  He believes it will be true.   He’s willing to put up with this rite of passage.  It’s a journey and that journey to freedom takes time.  He accepts it.  And he grows stronger.




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