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NOTE:   As of 11/5/11 - every time I edit my profile the quit counter I have changes to some arbitrary design and number of days.  Which means I have to delete it on the profile page - a bit tricky since it doesn't appear on that particular screen.  I just have to guess where it is in the blank space between two other things and delete it.  Then I have to copy and paste the original one all over again.  SOOOOO, my suggestion would be, IF you happen to have a clock up, COPY THE CODE before you go to Edit your Profile.  Better yet, since I've heard tell of so many problems with pages, copy your entire page, save it in a file, so that if it gets weird when you edit your profile, at least you can put it back. 

And if you need a quit counter - here's a link to one: 

As of 11/24/11 according to JustBreath:


For the newbies if you would like a count down clock here is how it is done

November 22, 2011 by JustBreath  

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  I will try to make this as easy as possible then..first thing you need to do is open WORD.You can go to your start menu then accessarys you will see it there.Then I want you to open word and cut and paste everything you have in your about me box into word. Don't close word yet. Now delete everything in your about me box.If you want you can go to my profile and under my clock you will see a link to a clocks web page.Pick a clock out that you like and get the code. You are going to copy and paste that into the word box. make sure it goes ontop of the first thing you added to the box and make a space between them. Now highlight everything in your word box and paste it into your about me box and save it..then your done

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If anyone has a cheap laptop like me, then instead of Word, you have Works, but it will work also.