A Quit Dialogue In IV Acts - ACT III, sc 2

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  ACT III, Scene 2


     Quit Day 7


QUITTER (  awakens full of energy.  He’s been looking forward to this milestone.  Dashes to the computer and blogs)
END OF HELL WEEK WHOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!!!  I can’t believe I actually made it.  This is the longest I’ve gone in YEARS!  I pass those guys huddled in the rain smoking outside my office and you know what?  It STINKS now.  I can’t believe I actually smelled like that???!!!  I’m taking my life back and it feels GOOD.  Some of my co-workers are beginning to look at me a little enviously.  One came up just today and asked how I was able to do it.  I told them about EX and all the wonderful people here.  You guys ROCK.  Newbies all I can say is HANG IN.  Just keep hanging it.  It gets better and better!   I’m thinking of taking out stock in Krispy Kremes.  Well - they taste better when you don’t smoke!  I weigh 3 pounds more than I did a week ago... but- oh well.... I can always tackle that one later.  SMOKE FREE’s THE WAY TO BE!!! 

NICODEMON   hums softly to himself in his rocking chair while he reads the latest e-cig journal.  Business is up.  This is good.    It’s getting easier and easier to hook these kids.  They’ve put out a new bubble-gum flavored cartridge.  Excellent!    He looks over at QUITTER who seems so happy and hasn’t a clue as to what he’s in for.  NICO’S strength  lies in No Mans Land Days 30 to 130 (approximate) which is coming up for the QUITTER.  He has all sorts of tricks up his white, memory-laden sleeve of addiction.   He’s not worried.  He’s seen it all so many times.  They don’t call him a 94 percenter for nothing, after all.   Checks his cell phone - ah another quitter on ‘Day One.’  Quickly heads over there to whisper his sweet nothings in their ear as yet another quitter gives up.