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(This from Peggy/Ckoalaco)

I THINK I might have an idea about that the trouble is with us updating our pages. I kept getting something telling me that my "brief description" was too long, blah, blah, blah... and it wouldn't accept any updates that I tried. What was in my "Brief Description slot you ask? The code for my quit clock. it is verrrry long.

  So, I copied that code and pasted it into my "skills" box.  The message then sait that my "skills" box was too long, blah, blah, blah... and it wouldn't accept any updates that I tried.

So... 2+2=4 right?

I moved my quit clock down into the big "about me" section... And whalah!! My page accepts my updates. AND my clock is there. And all those little question mark inside the diamonds thingies went away too!

Now... I did have to re do some of the code in my "about me" section. Before the upgrade I had to use html code around my stuff to get it to center on my page. <center> I had to do this to center. </center> Well... that didn't center anything anymore, lol. 

So... I thinked with my brain (my daughters favorite saying when she was a toddler, lol)

I copied my entire "about me" section and pasted it into a Word document.

**BE SURE TO NOT SAVE ANY CHANGES ON YOUR ACTUAL BECOMANEX PAGE THOUGH. **    You might want to refer to it and see how it looks and what code (for pics and videos) are where.

Then I formatted it all in there, including centering that which I wanted centered and bolded and larger/smaller print - all of it. You can even center the pics on your page this way - highlight the entire code for the pic and click the button to center it in Word.

When I got it the way I wanted it I copied my re-formatted page and pasted it into my "about me" box on becomeanex. Then I held my breath (lol) and saved it there…. And whalah!! It Worked!!

I had to do that a few times ‘cause the there is so much stuff on my page and I’d past it in and save it and find that I missed something and have to change that in Word. Just so you know… I always deleted and repasted the entire page from Word to “about me”, even if it was just a minor change that I made. I don’t know if that’s necessary or not though.

Just an note… I usually do all of my typing for blogs in a Word document and copy and paste it over to a new blog too… I have always had more formatting options and I’m less apt to loose my work in Word, lol.

And I have no fix for us not being able to post our own pics as our background yet either… I think that one will have to be solved by the admins ‘cause it looks like we’re supposed to have that capability but somehow our pics aren’t being read by the program properly.

 I hope this helps some of you. The key to updating your page content is getting your quit clock out of the upper section and moving it into the bottom section. And that’s no biggie – at least to me. That’s where my clock had always been until recently anyway. And you don’t have to go get a new clock. Just copy and paste the code for your clock as you have it now. Although – I think I may be ready for a change soon so I’ll probably change mine for the holidays, lol.

 And remember…

Smoke free is THE way to be!!!