New group! Welcome Committee & Must Have Info for New Members

Discussion created by Nyima_1.6.13 on May 13, 2013
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I hope that you have already explored ‘How to Quit Smoking’ and the other drop down menus that Legacy has provided. That is where you will find lots of great information and some “homework” to get you started on your quest to quit.

If you are reading this Blog, you may have found your way to the Community Home Page and the Blue Blogs Tab. Yay, this is where you will find daily education, support and encouragement!  To the left, you have some choices…..please ‘write a blog’ and introduce yourself. Let us know a little about who you are, where you are in the quit process and ask any questions you might have. Welcome to the site!                                                   

If you found this blog through the “Welcome Committee” Group, feel free to join the group but then proceed directly to the Blue Blogs Tab! That is where all the action is!! Write a blog and introduce yourself or comment on someone else’s blog. If you comment on someone else’s blog, you will undoubtedly be invited to write your very own introductory blog!

If you found this blog in ‘Featured Blogs’, which is kind of my hope, you don’t have to search in vain for the most activity. Go directly to Blue Blogs Tab!

When I joined this site, I started a group before I even wrote my first blog. Duh!?! I was in search of other group members that I could identify with, which is absolutely fine! Join as many groups as you would like but a majority of the daily interactions happen on the Blogs. There are some very helpful groups that are active with daily affirmations and motivational thoughts but check dates of how recent the previous activity was! Explore or better yet, ask about active groups in a Blog!!

Explore Forums and Forum Discussions and you might find some interesting info but if you check dates, you’ll probably notice there’s not much current activity!

Blue Blogs Tab: it’s where most of us hang out and it’s where you want to be! Welcome to EX!