Today's win

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I am learning...I posted the same message on my own page so I can remember, but I now figured how to share with the group...

This is my own "you go girl" for today: driving home after a long, stressful day at work, reaching in the glove compartment for a hair clip, the first thing I see is a lighter ...when I cleaned my car, after quitting cigarettes, I had totally forgotten I always had an old pack of cigarettes and the lighter in the car...I quickly closed the glove compartment, but the pack fell on the floor, on the passenger side...reached for it, 4 cigarettes left...smelled them, no smell, this is Arizona, and who knows how long they have been there...held the pack in my hand and dropped it in a mini-garbage bag I used for a couple of days (sunflower seeds replaced my smoking in the car).  I even tied the bag and hid it in my laptop bag till I got home and discarded it.  I feel so good just reading about it... I am going to the store tomorrow and get the zero nicotine juice.  I need to know how much hold Nicotine still has on me, maybe I can quit the e-cig before my set date...