Good bye Nicotine

Discussion created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on May 2, 2016
Latest reply on May 3, 2016 by TerrieQuit
   Dear Nicotine,    
This was way long coming, you knew it but kept your hold on me.  No more!  
I have been answering all your calls, given my very breath to you, even when you did not even ask for it, 2-3-4 cigarettes in the space of an hour.    
Alone, with family or friends, you always pulled me aside to ask for your own time with me 1,2,3 cigarettes...  
Ashtray filled to the brim at the end of the day, the very proof of my slavery to you, disgusting, yet, calling me again, just one more before I go to sleep...  
So many times I thought "how lucky I get to enjoy this very early morning, with a coffee and you" 1,2,3 cigarettes sometimes... You see, I was thinking how lucky I am to have a job that allows me to pay for such an expensive habit, a luxury not every one has..  
Little did I know you made me an addict, but don' get me wrong, this is no Hollywood, this is a hard working person you are taking advantage of, and hard earned money.  
You are not going to stop me to become the favorite grand ma', to spoil my kids and grand kids, without fear they won't want me to babysit because I smoke, no sir!  I am becoming that person, the free woman I have been in all other aspects of my life, and I will fly that airplane, you like it or not !  
The time has come to say good bye, or shall I say:  good riddance!