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I know many group members do not like the idea of an e-cig but they are helping me through the tough times, I only take 2 puffs at a time and only 3 or 4 times a day , I do not want to be addicted to those either ! I intend to wean myself off asap. I know they are healthier than smoking because my lungs have already cleared up so much since I am only smoking a half a cig a day. I just smoked my last cigarette as  of tomorrow I will be smoke free . I am going to stay on the patch much longer this time around . I once talked to a man who had tried to quit over and over and was finally in his third year of no smoking . I asked him how he had done it and he said he stayed on the patch for an entire year . Well that seems like a long time but when one considers all the years smoking  cigarettes it puts one year in a different perspective . One of the videos on this site said the question is asked "How long should one keep using nicotine replacements ? His answer was " as long as it takes."