One day at a time

Discussion created by stacycatt on Mar 13, 2014
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Hi Guys, It's day 65 for me and I'm feeling so much better than I ever have.  Insomnia is a side effect for me since I've quit and since I'm on the computer after 1:00 am I figured I finally join a group on the Ex site that has kept me sane and steady through my quit and still keeps me going.  I've met many great people here and have developed some great friendships also.  I quit once before for a month and a half but never thought to join a support group as I didn't think I needed one.  I was so wrong.  If I didn't have you guys and the support I'd very likely be sleeping after a long day of smoking. 

I have MS for 23 years now and never wanted to join a support group because I didn't want to sit around bitching about my physical problems.  Seemed depressing to me so I never did.  My kid sister has it too, she was diagnosed three years after me so we support each other and it's enough.  This site has been my solace, sanctuary, lifesaver and so on and I'm so grateful to my fellow quitters.  The advice and wisdom learned is priceless and keeps me coming back for more.

For new quitters this is a great place to read up and learn all you can about what smoking does to our bodies and what the addiction does to our brains.  Allen Carr's book, The Easy Way to Quit Smoking, is another wealth of information I found very helpful too.  Knowledge is power and when you think you know all there is to know about quitting smoking, there is more to learn guaranteed.  Attitude, confidence, perseverence, grit, and the ability to take it one day at a time will get you through this tough process and it will work.  It will be the best thing we can do for ourselves and our health.  I've seen huge improvement in my health in the short 2 months I've quit and I never want to fail myself and have to go through it all over again.  For what?  It's not worth it.

Congratulations to all the quitters and to the new quitters, keep it up and you'll get there before you know it.  Keep coming back here and learning about the powerful nicodemon that can be beat to hell forever.

Remember the acronym N.O.P.E. Not One Puff Ever and have a great day!!!