Reasons for me to stop smoking

Discussion created by ramamohan on Dec 21, 2016
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   These are few reasons for me to stop smoking
   Addiction is weakness, smoking is addiction. I don't want to be week person.
   I want to save money spent on cigarettes, health issues arising due to smoking
   For me I observed that when I smoke I look pale, dull. I want to look handsome and energetic.
   I don't want to get distractions while doing important things with urge for smoking. Some of important things are reading, class, movies, driving, playing with friends :)
   I want to do meditation any time at my will. It is not possible to do proper meditation after smoke or lunch for at least 1 hour. Meditation is my new friend from now onward.
   I want to show good way of life to my children, younger gen, friends and family. 
   I want my wife, kids to be more secure as they are dependent on me
   I want my wife to be proud & happy in front of  my friends & their wife's :)
   I don't want my friends to get smoking as first impression when they remember me
   I don't want to be alone
   I don't want to waste ~1.5 hours in my active day hours for smoking which is bad habit
   I don't want to face off people with fear of bad smell
   I don't want to be shy to talk in front of my manager, friends(non smokers) 
   I don't want to wash my hands every time when I smoke