Daily posts, where do current members want to post?

Poll created by crazymama_Lori on Jan 30, 2017

I feel we basically have two ways of communicating, through blogs which we have done for ages or through discussions, which the home page directs you to when it asks if you want to "share" something.  Which do we all want to agree on, blogs or discussions?  The meeting place that was created is just everyone saying hi but yet not posting individually about their day, advice, topics, etc.  We need to have a consensus here to bring some normalcy back to this support site.


I vote for discussions because that's what new members are directed to when the home page asks them if they want to share something.  I find it much easier to go to the home page, select view all blogs, select all at the left-hand side and then sort them as I wish.  That way I can see everything, blogs, documents, discussions, questions

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