Cigarettes on the grocery list???

Blog Post created by zoer on Mar 15, 2020

Day 46 of my quit. I’m stocked up on essentials and groceries for the most part, as of a couple weeks ago. However, on Friday I thought I’d go out early and grab some perishable items like milk and stuff. I went early to avoid the crowds I was anticipating. I had a couple stores to stop by and of course the local feed store for the dog food. I wanted to make sure I got all the last minute items in one trip that I would need for a couple weeks in case I got self-quarantined (I certainly can’t run out of dog food). So I’m making my list of must have items and what do I put on the list.... cigarettes LOL. I caught myself about half way through writing that on my list before it hit me “I don’t do that anymore”. I was so surprised, I had to chuckle. Needless to say I crossed it off the list