Loop of Starting/Quitting; Medication and Nicotine Patches

Blog Post created by xjamarkx on Mar 20, 2018

WARNING: I'm having a craving now. Bear with me. I'll type my way through this.... (with Egyptian Musk Incense blazing in my room... the smell helps the craving die down)...


I've been gone for a long while. To find myself. To discover things. To rest. And more.


I've also had a LOOP of starting and quitting. I'd put them down, then pick them up again within a day or two. So I got fed up with myself.


I cut back for two days, and yesterday began using nicotine patch, not smoking, but also my doctor prescribed Wellbutrin. It made the cigs taste terrible! I couldn't stand the taste enough to finish them. Most of the heebie-jeebies from quitting are easy to get through, you know, those cravings. But I couldn't do it without the medication and Nicotine patches.


For a couple of weeks, I just took the medication, and didn't use the patches. I continued to smoke, and gradually it began to taste terrible. (Just a second ago, I put my two fingers to my lips, but was not holding a cig. Is this a normal thing?)

But the past 3 days I've been very harsh on myself about this. I HAVE TO QUIT.... SO, here I am.

I promise you, if you are able to take Wellbutrin, ask your doc about being a possibility for you. It's working very well with me.


I've been looking for my cigs the past 2 days. But I put up the ashtrays, put cig lighters in the living room (I keep them so I may light incense), and I cut a straw into the size of a cig. I use that in my mouth because I used to type on the computer with the cig in my mouth. When I put a sucker in my mouth, I put my two fingers around it like it's a cig. It's embarrassing to do this, especially in public, but my fingers are used to it.


I remember a few times the past 3 days, when I actually did smoke, I would have the craving-feeling in my chest/gut even though I was smoking! Now that's BAD. Now that's just ridiculous.

I bought that book in print that everyone suggest to new people here. I'm still reading it because I read slow. And I've been very busy since I left here for a while. I was very sick, and getting rest, and doing other things. I just went offline almost totally for a while. A long needed break.

SOOOOO, the conclusion is this: I had a craving, but typing out helped to relieve it. I hope no one takes my words the wrong way; I hope I make sense when I'm typing here.


I quit smoking yesterday (again). How do I change my quit date on my profile... or do you all still use that feature? I'm not for sure.


Please give me instructions on how to change it.

P.S. The way out of the Loop of starting and quitting is to just let go of them. You'll stop choking yourself up, the tickle in your throat will go away, your smoker's cough will eventually go away, your lungs will start healing, you'll smell and taste better, you won't stink anymore, the tar on your fingers will go away, eventually; You'll miss them and be looking for them, put your fingers to your mouth as if smoking, when the cravings come, immediately do something to get your mind off of it and ON something else - this is very important. Because if you think too much, you'll smoke, because thinking about it makes the craving stronger.

By the way, I put the nicotine patch on my thigh and it sticks better than on the arm.