Health Update; Book

Blog Post created by xjamarkx on Sep 12, 2017

Hello Blog,


I remember now what it was that I wanted to share with everyone.


I saw my doctor, the surgeon's assistant, rather. They looked at the MRI. They gave me three options:


1. Live with it.

2. Get steroid injections into the discs in my neck.

3. Surgery


I cannot live with it, so number 1 is out.

I've had steroid injections in my lower back, for 2 years before my back surgery. It just caused my blood sugar to go up and not come back down. Number 2 is out.


I told Justin (the surgeon's assistant, who I saw because my doctor, the surgeon, was busy) that it would probably be option 3 for me, but I wanted to heal up a bit more from my back surgery and get rid of some of my belly (I have to walk on the treadmill a lot for my back, and when/if I can lose some weight that'll be getting two things done with one)..


Mom and I thought about the surgery and talked... we think it'd be best probably for next spring.


Justin said they would go in the front of my neck, move things in there to the side/out of the way, take out the herniated disc, put in a plastic piece, then stabilize it with titanium (like in my back). Sounds scary, but I have a friend who had this done earlier this year.

Another thing I wanted to share is that I've finished my 14th book of the series I was writing. I'll publish it soon.