Reading Book, September, and Doctors

Blog Post created by xjamarkx on Sep 3, 2017

I’m just about done with Allen Carr’s book, but I bought a physical copy of it on Ebay. It will be here soon. I don’t usually purchase something unless it’s something valuable to me. And this book is for sure. I plan to read it once more before my quit date. I would like to take notes on it, and for my personal notes on my blog here, do a sort-of “review” of the book, highlighting the most important parts that I think are helpful. I hope that when I do this, it may help others who read it, especially if they haven’t read the book yet. I know most people here have, but there may be new members that haven’t and I was thinking it may spark more of an interest in the book. : - )

I’m happy to see September come. I love the Fall weather. I love the changing colors of the leaves of the trees. I remember very well helping to rake leaves into a huge pile, then swing as high as I could on our tree-swing, and jump into the pile of leaves. Once I did that and there was a tiny snake in the leaves. I don’t think it was harmful, but I absolutely hate snakes. When we used to live at the house I grew up in, there were A LOT of snakes in the backyard. They got into the house too, and I think I’ve had that fear of snakes since then.

I had trouble sleeping last night. I was stuck in a depression, and my whole body was aching. It had rained here, and has gotten colder. To relieve both problems, I got on my treadmill and walked a bit. I am usually doing 10 minutes, twice a day. Yesterday I only did one. I do notice that the walking helps my legs and feet to feel better, and my back too. Though I can’t walk constantly to keep the pain under better control, I can do in-bed exercises. I like stretching most of all. It feels very good to stretch.

I’m nervous about seeing my Spine Doctor on the 6th. He will be reviewing the MRI I had done on my neck; the one I shared with you guys. I guess the worst that will happen is he may say I need surgery. (My friend who I share a birthday with, he had the surgery done, he had bulging discs and all, at the same place mine is). Yesterday I moved the wrong way and going down from my neck to the back part of my shoulder it hurt REALLY bad. Also when I go to stretch my neck and shoulders, moving my head like ‘rolling’ it, when my head tilts back and moves, I hear a huge POP that causes pain and I hear a lot of grinding sounds. But anyway, I’m quite nervous to see my doctor. Also I know he’s trying to cut me down and off the only pain meds I’ve ever been given… I’m on 50mg of tramadol. It helps a bit, does the job and at least don’t make me so fuzzy headed that I can’t think straight, like the other meds for pain do.

For years my doctors didn’t believe me about my pain; they said I was too young to be having that kind of pain. When they finally done the MRI on my back, after me waiting 10 years for the doctor to wise up a bit about it, he sent me for an MRI and it was a severe case. They sent me for 2 years of steroid injections in my back, which spiked my blood sugar very high (and now it won’t come back down). I got so tired of the pain that I asked for a second opinion, so I was sent to the doctor who done my surgery, which he got set up immediately after he sent me for another MRI on my back, because the results were very bad.

But even this doctor said I was too young to be having this kind of trouble. They skipped the option of trying medications on me, and went straight to surgery. Prior to having surgery on my back, I had never ever been given pain medication to treat it. The only time I had pain medication was when I had my two knee surgeries, my hernia surgery, surgery for the cancer to remove ___, and the surgery I had for gynecomastia once before (which now, because of me having to be on those dumb antipsychotics, they have grown back, but not as bad as before). That’s embarrassing to talk about. :-S But those were the only times I had been on pain meds, and after my back surgery, this is the longest time I’ve ever been on meds like this, but I needed it. I’m just glad that I can still think straight being on this med, because the meds they gave me right after surgery made me dizzy, fuzzy headed (I couldn’t think much at all) and they knocked me out.

Will you guys keep me in your thoughts as I go to the doctor about my neck? It is greatly appreciated.

Wow sorry this is so long. I think I have more to talk about, but I’ll save it for later. Thank you for reading.