Update, Reading, and Excited to Give Back

Blog Post created by xjamarkx on Aug 31, 2017

Hello Blog and Friends,

I had not been on here in a while for a few reasons: Our internet has been slowed down and we are waiting the repairman to come and helps us set up a faster internet. He should be here on the 5th; also I had been sleeping a lot, relaxing, reading Allen Carr’s book (having my computer to read it to me, and reading a little of it myself), and meditating on the advice given in the book.

I am blown away totally by this book, Easy Way to quit smoking. I found myself cutting back, while reading, and not even doing it on purpose. One pack of cigs lasted me 3 days, whereas I used to smoke one pack in one day!

Right now I’m on page 57, chapter 20. I found myself shaking my head YES to a LOT of what he was explaining in the book. Just after reading this much of it, I don’t know how I let myself become a smoker. I never wanted this. I remember my nanny (grandmother) would smoke in the car after she picked me up from school. A few times, I thought it smelled good… and I was in 6th grade, hadn’t smoked at all in my life then. But now I understand how simple it is to get ‘hooked’ in. The first puff, the first cigarette. I never coughed too bad with the first one; I remember my brother’s friend got me to smoke in the 7th and 8th grades. All I got was a major buzz, and wanted it to stay everytime I smoked. The only thing that happened was addiction. Though I didn’t smoke daily back then, but when I turned 21 and visited a friend in California, I smoked a cig of his, and that’s when I began smoking and didn’t quit.

(A few hours later…. I typed the following here:)…

Our internet has been having trouble… but I also went with mom and my niece to eat Chinese.

Anyway, I wanted to talk a little about the book and how it really has made a great impact in my life… just so far!

When I began reading / having the book read to me, I got to page 30 in about 2 days. Reading the Allen Carr book is amazing! I went about 5 hours after reading to page 30 without a cig. I saw them lying on my bed. But I didn’t crave them. I actually just put them in my drawer and went to bed without having a smoke before bed.

Guys, this is some serious stuff! I have no idea how Mr. Carr has written this so well that it made me feel that way, and made me just basically ignore my cigs altogether… it seems like magick. Right now, I’m on page 57 out of 111. I plan to get at least 20 more pages read. However, I like to make sure I understand what I’m reading, so if I read and don’t understand, I have my computer to read out loud to me.

I can’t remember if I mentioned there were a few spelling mistakes in the book… there are but I still understand what he’s saying (well, the pdf file I downloaded had mistakes). The overall message is still very clear.

If a man like Allen Carr who smoked 100 cigs a day, can go to ZERO, surely to goodness I can go to ZERO with few problems (as I’ve stated before, I had 2 other addictions that are whipped). Right now I’m smoking still about 7 – 10 cigs a day. But my quit date is getting closer. By the time it rolls around it should be easier to put them down.

I got me some licorice too, even though I have no teeth, I can gnaw on it, and I can still chew it up pretty decently. I got the Dr. Pepper kind! Never tasted it, but love it now that I have. I gave my brother and niece a bit, they loved it too.

Anyway, just wanted to update here. Once I finish the Allen Carr book, I was thinking about doing a review type-of-thing for it, and maybe post it here. May take a while to do, but I think a review of it would be not only helpful, Lord willing, but also will give new members a glance at what they will discover when they read the book. (I hope). I want to give back, I want to help, I want to be a decent example to others. My heart rejoices when I help someone. That give me a joy that can never be removed… as I think I’ve said before.


Thanks for reading. Sorry it's so long.