My Quit Kit List (incomplete)

Blog Post created by xjamarkx on Aug 25, 2017

- lots of water. - cough drops. - sugarless gum - cutting a straw to the size of a cig until I can get rid of the hand-to - mouth thing. - I have a new hobby, learning things will keep my mind busy. - Self-talk for when cravings hit (I've noticed that self-talk and journaling has worked wonders on the other addictions. My counselor also gives me ideas, like about the PTSD I have, making lots of words from the initials of it, and drawing pics to go with it... example: PTSD: Prarie Town Silly Dog, Poo Too Soon: Diareaha (spelling?), Purple Tense Shining Dumplins... just funny things. Humor helps me a lot!) - books, movies and journals - coming here when the craving is too hard, and type "help" in the subject line - use my AUM metal balls in meditation and concentration – things to do with my hands - exercise – I got a treadmill, sit-bicycle, and recently bought ankle weights that I can work out my legs and even use them on my arms – it may also help the gynecomastia! - fruits and veggies – my favorites: apples, kiwi, stawberries, blackberries, bananas, even ceral without milk (plenty of wheat), broccoli and cheese (easy on the cheese, self!), green beans, corn < all my faves. Yogurt too! - rewarding myself – mom’s milkshake once in a while, buy myself a new dvd, toy or game. - watch DIY and how-to videos, art keeps active - make and edit videos - book on how to quit - inspiring quotes - mp3 player - making mom let me do the dishes and/or laundry - making sure my room is clean at least once a week - go through the basement (it’s huge but filled with junk) - write a goodbye forever cig letter - carry a pen or straw to keep hands busy - rubber band snap

I'm sorry it put everything into one paragraph - I copied and pasted from my computer.

A sobering reminder (hope I'm allowed to post videos):