A Sincere Apology, if any will accept it, please

Blog Post created by xjamarkx on Aug 24, 2017

Some things have been brought to my attention and I wanted to address them publicly and make yet another apology.

There have been many of my posts that once I posted them, I changed my mind because I thought they were too harsh and would bring negative responses and feelings to the post, so I deleted them. There were many over the course of only one day.

I am so sorry that I came here and blew up everywhere and on everyone and did not even make an introduction (I didn't know it existed when I first got on here). I seem to have made some enemies that I didn't mean to make.

Ever since I've been here, I've just been an annoyance, a burden and I know I've been wearing out my welcome. For all of this, I am sorry and never meant for it to happen.

 I will, from now on, watch my words and wording very carefully, and try to post short blog entries so they are easier to read. If I'm actually still allowed here. It was also clearly announced to me that I have not quit smoking yet, though for one day I didn't, but the second day I did, and that's when everything went POOF.

I never meant to come here and do this... be a loud mouth and cause trouble. I know though that I had, at first, set my quit date too soon. But now that I set it for later, the end of September, it's giving me more time to read, prepare, and get my quit kit in order.

I hope you guys understand this. I am beyond embarrassed, about this. I feel smaller than an ant, though I've caused so much trouble that I feel unworthy to continue here. To leave, or not to leave, will be my question from now until my quit date. I sincerely just don't feel like I belong here anymore. I'm not trying to be dramatic. But seriously, if my enemies give me the heads up that I've just been more bad influence than good, I will go on my way. I never wanted to be an enemy to anyone. I never wanted this. Everything has gone wrong. Anything that could go wrong, has.

I have read about myself on other people's blogs and comments. They don't have to say my name; I know when it's me they're pointing out. I just want to be understood. I don't care about "tough love" anymore. I actually deserve a fist full of it in the face, with the way I've acted, things I've done here and said. But the gossip has got to stop. Just leave your messages on this blog entry, and tell it like it is to me. I need to hear it.

I will go with extreme caution from this point on. Thank you for reading. Sorry for being off topic. I'll choose my words very carefully now.