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Blog Post created by xjamarkx on Aug 20, 2017

Hello blog and friends,


I wanted to share something with everyone, but remind them that it's not about smoking, though I'm almost certain that I have written one about smoking. I wanted to share a poem from my last book, "A Fence XIII: Beast". This is my thirteenth book in the "A Fence" poem series.


It was difficult to find the perfect poem to share. I have many other good ones; I have even won lots of awards and trophies for my poetry.


However, the one I wanted to share for this initial blog post has not won an award. I never have submitted it in any contest, but I still wanted to share it. Maybe I'll put one poem from each book... more poems in the comments.  


I even had the opportunity for my poems to be read and featured on a cd.
I write many different styles, my favorite is free verse.


This one that I am initially sharing for this blog post is called "I Have Time".
It's from the book "A Fence XIII: Beast" copyright 2017

I hope you all will like it.


I Have Time

I have borne the shame of apothecary’s letter; Ate the flesh from the tongue-gnashing gainsay; Freed the slaves of ancient times in their day;

I have arisen wild and waking from the grave; Begun battles where there were none; Bled where no one hath anywhere to run;

I have bred the burnt Mummies from olden tombs and sliced the heads off beneath the surface of the skins;

I have devoured the flies from top the trash bins;

I have foretold the times to come; Forgone and forgotten the forgiving;

Cast the hatred onto the masses while I crept by the weaning ones ‘neath crosses they have yet to bear!

I have dealt terribly with the drunk; I have driven dreamers from their sleep;

I have bit the hand that feeds; I have tread the backs of the weak;

I’ve given to the poor and stole from the rich; I’ve grown the cattle and hung the b*tches;

I’ve hidden my treasure and kept my word; I’ve withheld from striking when strike meant sword;

I’ve lied and told truth all in good time; I have held my tongue when lashing out meant Hellfire!

And now, after so long a time, Now, again;

I bite the tail of hypocrite’s greed, to moisten the nose of flavour’s less feed;

I steal from the poor to give to the rich; I rip from time to cause the glitch;

I kneel at the altar where I never knelt at a throne; I leap on backs of horses and lose sight of a drone;

I overdo my welcome where I mistook a plead in pay; I ride the ring of the rising sun and ran my race at the face of death and slay,

(leading the way in a sleigh called by the name of Horse! Hoarse!)

And now, with all my shenanigans past and present, You must realize by now that I am and that I have time.

Do my bidding now and pay later, or pay now and do my bidding anyhoo,

As I am time. And you will succumb to me with the new age hitech and/or, do as you wish dumbed!

I am

As Hisler had me and Napoleon once, Mabus twice,

I am He who has Time.