A Conversation with That Unknown, and the forbidden words

Blog Post created by xjamarkx on Aug 19, 2017

Alright people. I know there's a lot of crap going on since I joined.. misunderstandings and misinterpretations.


"A game," he called it, "a game".  "Guess my name! Call me by my true name! But that's an incantation no one will ever have..."


And so.." I'm smoking as I'm typing this".  Smoke smoke, Fire fire. And what would you say about it?


"I'll give you three days to guess my name. Three days!"


I didn't smoke a lot today. But I find myself lighting up with I'm stressed; when people misunderstand me (and I get the blame); other times it don't bother me. Not even after a meal, or when I wake up of the mornings. I ain't not gonna let myself be brought down to the sides of the pit to hang there in the void.


"I will do your dirty work... for a price." "Tuesday never comes, because Monday is Dday."


You wanna throw tough love out at people to 'help' them? Alright. Hit me with your best snot.  

I will not delete anything; I will not remove my posts or anyone else's.  This is open for anyone who cares enough to come here, and leave a comment of tough love.

"Guess my name! It's a fine night, a nice black night for bats and snakes and rats!"

Abracadabra, have a cadaver!

As above, so below
wind is waxing very slow
Little Billy, Billy goat
reaping what we sow.


"You need not know who I am, just that I'm here to help you."


Sow some tough seeds, see if they grow.
This is a test. This is a test. I'll be watching.