Nevermind (previously: Testing Myself)

Blog Post created by xjamarkx on Aug 16, 2017

Okay, I get it. It was a stupid idea. NEVERMIND.


I know my quit date is a bit far off, but I wanted to see if I can go tomorrow without cigs, but ONLY using the patch. I will begin when I first get up, and I want to challenge myself to see how long I can go without a cig at all. First thing in the morning. And I'll make tomorrow morning different than before.

IF I have a cig tomorrow, then I know I'm not ready and I need more preparations.
IF I have NO cigs whatsoever tomorrow, then I believe I will be ready to start.

I don't know if testing myself will be good or bad, but I'd like to see how far I can go with it, er, without it, y'know?