The Encouraging Word(s)

Blog Post created by xjamarkx on Aug 14, 2017

Hi blog and friends!

I was thinking today, not just planning for the physical cravings and nervousness and things that go with the physical - but I thought about State of Mind.
I have cut back on smoking, so far, soooo much. But I have been having a touch of deep depression. I've fought depression all my life, and I know a bit of how it works, things that make depression worse, etc. I remember reading that someone on this site said that they were depressed too after they quit.

So anyway, my mind sprouted an idea. And I hope this works out as I am hoping it will.

I'm a HUGE FAN of wisdom quotes, inspirational quotes, and just quotes in general, on all sorts of different topics. I have books with nothing but quotes in it. I always keep my fortune from the fortune cookies at Chinese eating place.

So my idea is this: I would love to dedicate this blog thread / entry for anyone who wants to post an encouraging word(s). I really enjoy seeing quotes, if they are in a picture form or just typed out. I hope this will go pretty well, and others will be inspired and exhorted.

Here are some quotes about failure which have really given me push to keep going: