Blog Post created by xjamarkx on Aug 13, 2017

I'm so sorry, to everyone. It's my fault people's got minuses. I actually don't know where this all got out of hand and everything. I screwed up by the second day of my quit date, and when I admitted it and told people on here, I got met with comments that came off to me as being "rude". However, I seem to be the big bad wolf here that's caused so much problems. I really didn't realize that I had done anything wrong. I wish I could post exactly what has been said and by whom, but I'm 100% sure that would hurt more than help.
I just came here for support because I was going to quit smoking. So much for that. I guess I'm the one to blame for my own idiocity; I'm the one who started everything bad since I've been here. *shrugs*

I cannot go back and change anything, which is what I tried to stress to those who seemed "hateful" to me in comments. If I could, I believe I wouldn't have come here to bother anyone in the first place.

I could not get rest; good rest... until I come on here to apologize. So, I'm sorry people. I never meant to be a burden; I never meant to cause trouble; I never meant to seem angry; I just needed support.

I was hoping this would be my last post here, since I am not making progress and the stress from waiting for and getting replies (to make sure they're not going to be critical again) to any of my comments or posts is draining my energy. I cannot live like this.

If I could make it up to you all, I would. But there's no way I can.

I would like to suggest that if people don't want their numbers to go missing, it'd be a great idea for the owner of this site to make it where that posts cannot be deleted whatsoever.

Blessed be, and I'm sorry again for the trouble I've caused. I hope you all can forgive me. Thank you.