Blog Post created by winnieharrington1971 on May 23, 2020

Today has been an exceptionally good day! I popped out of bed like toast and was ready to get the day rolling WITHOUT having coffee with a cigarette on the side! I was a little disappointed because I wanted to  work out in the yard soo bad! I gathered all of my gardening things and headed out only to get rained on with the force of a gullywasher!! Soo..frustrated, I gathered all of my gardening things and headed back in to start on any housework that needed done. While working in the kitchen, I looked out the window and low and behold....THE SUN!! WWHHOO!!! Sooo...I quickly gathered up my gardening things and headed back out to enjoy playing in the dirt! It is wonderful therapy for me and it takes my mind off of anything that is worrying me or bothering me...i.e. SMOKING! My hands are busy (and dirty!) and I'm out doing what I love WITHOUT stopping for a smoke break! I DEFINITLY get a LOT more done! Sooo...I'm wrapping up day #17 of NO SMOKING and it's been FABULOUS!! G'night All!