Make this the best year of your life...quit smoking

Blog Post created by wianno9616 on Dec 28, 2017

First of all I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I just signed on and saw that I have quit smoking for 478 days. I can remember so clearly the first time I came onto this website and had no idea that it was the support of all of you that got me to quit smoking. I go back and read my blogs, and it was 5 days before I had the courage to even say anything. Then I had such cravings after 2-3 weeks in and figured out that I need to stay away from my triggers which was alcohol at the time. Then getting through NML (No Man's Land)and then a One Year Anniversary.. For all of you struggling, educate yourself on this website listen to those that have gone through it and follow their path. Stop with the excuses, set your quit date and never look back. It is the hardest in the beginning but I promise you it will get easier as time goes on. The cravings will start to slowly go away, but you cannot slip or the cravings will come right back again. Make smoking your number one priority, and don't worry about anything else like weight gain etc.... Go on this site daily and read all the blogs, it will keep you motivated. Anyone can quit smoking, it is totally up to you and the choices you make. Many of us have been successful, so you can be too. Once you get started never give up on your quit ever....make those goals and you will reach them. You will feel so  much better, you will look better, and be a much happier person if you can get this monkey off your back. Again Happy New Year, and I wish the best for everyone.