Blog Post created by wianno9616 on Jul 4, 2017

Want to wish you all a happy 4th of July!!!! Boy another 100 days has gone by already and it is getting closer to one year! It seems like yesterday when I stumbled upon this site and said what the heck I am going to build my profile and set a quit date. I had tried several times before but this time was different. I read all the articles, and I educated myself more than I would have on my own. The tips and support that you get to help you through this is incredible, you just have to follow the plan. I remember my first blog 5 days into my quit and I was having the worst cravings and urges, and I did what I read I WAITED, and the urge went away.  Days started to go by and the cravings did get easier as advised, and my ticker kept going higher and higher. Made it into the three digit club, then after 130 days got through No Man's Land. I felt after the 130 days I felt like a non-smoker and I knew I had this beat. Once your mindset changes which is about 130 days for me anyways you are on your way. In my mind I saw NOPE(NOT ONE PUFF EVER) and SINAO(Smoking is not an option). One thing I remembered was once you relapse those cravings will never go away. You have to be smoke-free and they WILL go away over time. All I can say is that this is the best thing I ever did. Looking forward to my 1 year anniversary! My next goal.......Everyone can do this,  just follow your plan. Don't give up, keep going. I can't thank all the elders for their support and encouragement.  See you in 65 days!!!!