Blog Post created by wianno9616 on Mar 25, 2017

Yes I am celebrating 200 days of freedom!!! I feel great! At this point I am a non-smoker, I do not have any desire to smoke whatsoever, and I know I have made it. I had tried to quit on my own several times before and I failed. It was the Ex-Community and this web-site that made me quit once and for all. It was the information that was available to me on this addiction; reading blogs of folks that have gone through all the steps in this process and what to expect. As every day went by smoke free and continuing to go on the website every day making this my number one priority I knew I would not  go back to square one. I was not going to let myself down this time or all the people that have been rooting for me all along. I think being accountable to the EX-team is what made me stronger than doing it by myself. By constantly reading blogs you learned N.O.P.E(not one puff ever) S.I.N.A.O(Smoking is not an option; Smoking is not required; WAIT craves go away quickly; deep breathes. Just think about these things constantly and you can get through it. I feel that if you can make it through NML(No mans land) and after 130 days you will make it. (yes, sometimes a few slip, but your mindset is very strong of becoming a non-smoker for good. Well, thank you again for all your support, I will blog again in 100 days.

Don't ever give up no mater what, its not worth it. If you don't have your health you have nothing.  YOU CAN DO IT!