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Blog Post created by wbryonb on Jan 27, 2018

I am still working of solutions for dealing with my trigger list-and as some of them are not G rated I can not mention them here.but a few of them I can, for starters,one of my triggers is the sight of another person smoking, or even the sound of a lighter.I can see that this one will be hard for me to counter act,I just simply have no idea on what to practice much less employ after my quit date{feb.15,2018}. to put one more in as clean of terms as I can ill only summarize by saying it deals with a thought,how can I stop thinking about something that I was raised to think of it a certain way?difficult for me may not be for others.another one is my coffee intake-- I only drink coffee during most of my wake time during any day.this may seem like too  much coffee but I really do like the taste of it-it is however a trigger.bad news for me is I cant give up smoking and coffee at the same time- I just need to find a way of drinking it with out thinking I would like to smoke/any ideas?