new member that really needs help

Blog Post created by wbryonb on Jan 23, 2018

I went to the dr. yesterday{1-22-18}. they did a breathing test because I told him that I woke up choking at night and at times through the day- we thought I had asthma,but after the test-he told me I have the lungs of a 66 year old.I'm 45,and been a smoker since I was 9..the results of that test scared me to death.I know I need to make a change -or die.I instantly thought to myself that I quit right then and there-- that failed-but from a pack and a half a day I've smoked maybe five cigarettes until now- one day later. I feel like I have failed yet again- because I could not simply throw them down. The truth is,for me anyway,no matter how bad I want to quit- I have been smoking so long that I can not beat this in five minutes.I may not beat this in five months-or even five years.the thoughts in my head are these: I have seen people who smoke 50 years that are able to stop. They may not be able to advise me on quitting because each person is different- but maybe they could say the one thing that ,for me helps more than a thousand failed attempts at help. I simply feel that I've smoked long enough now that I do not know any other way , but I hate smoking-I seem confused ,I agree, but I have made up my mind -to stop.I need help with my body as I know it will fight me at every turn to continue life as usual.If any one is able to read this beginning of my blog,that may have some advice,please find a way to contact me