Blog Post created by virgomama on Jul 1, 2019

Today I had the serendipitous privilege of help an 80 year old woman who had smoked since she was 12 keep her quit.  A long standing customer at my place of employment I know her on first name basis.  She came in to check on her bill and  began telling me she had quit smoking 8 days ago and felt so miserable she was thinking of buying a pack of cigarettes when she left my office.  

I said "Oh Ginny, please don't do that," and I began talking.  I talked about my quit.  When I quit, what I did to pass those moments, what I learned about the addiction part...  I told her she was already past the worst part, why would she want to go back to that square.  I told her how good I felt now since I quit.  

.I talked about everything I could think of.  Talked and talked and talked.  Finally she said well I've stood here long enough that I don't need a cigarette anymore, I think I'll go see my sister.  She took my hand and thanked me and she left.  

She is a customer not a friend so I have no way of knowing whether she is still smoke free.  But I do know I helped her get through one moment with one crave that kept her smoke free through at least a visit with her sister.  And that was an incredible feeling.  

Stick to your quit folks.  It repays you in amazing ways


273 DOF and lovin it.