Midnight Craves in NML

Blog Post created by virgomama on Nov 29, 2018

Here I am 60 days into No Man's Land.  I've noticed just by looking at my past blogs that things are getting easier.  However,  new family stresses or old ones revisiting are recreating a big trigger.

Nighttime, specifically 1-3 a.m.  are becoming a real vulnerable time.  It is always the time when I have stress that my mind wakes just enough to think about every stressful minutiae it can find.   I'm really wanting to smoke, Found some discarded butts my daughter left outside and once again had to keep choosing my quit.  Put them in water, but I am tiring of the wanting to smoke at night. 

I'm thinking I need to almost prepare myself before I go to sleep with some kind of mantra or ritual that gives me a boost of confidence instead of dread for the "battle".

I've read a lot here about changing your mind talk and perspective, which I use a lot.  Seeing this as a freedom run is a good one.  Any thoughts or mantras anyone has that might be helpful for this New pop up on my journey would be appreciated.

One just occurred to me from "The Secret".  I have it.  I will just visualize myself smoke free and happy in the moment, feeling that good feeling of another day won w/o smoking.  Any improvements, suggestions?    

I think I have improved from thinking about smoking all the time to thinking about smoking most of the time.

Little steps, one at a time will get you there.


60 days and counting