Blog Post created by virgomama on Oct 28, 2018

My 3rd week was a bit of a roller coaster. I had a lot of triggers raise their heads that hadn't been raised for awhile.  Monday was a complete irritation.  I didn't want to be to work and I didn't feel like dealing with all the Monday issues that came up to handle.  Brain was not clicking just right yet.  My after meal trigger came back with a vengeance.  So I was craving after every meal.  Breathing, walking, bubble blowing, and/or chewing on a cinnamon stick worked until those passed.  Nights were restless with thoughts of wanting a late night puff,  breathing and a midnight stroll did the trick, along with some milk and potato chips for a midnight snack.

Luckily the weather still permits evening walks.  It was quite magical.  Until my alarm went off the next a.m.   I go to grab my laptop to do some blogging and I think of smoking.  I wander around with a little time on my hands and I think of smoking.

It was all doable.  Irritating but doable.  I've done a lot or reading on the site so I was prepared for this little menace.  It's all part of the process on the march to being smoke free.  If I hadn't done my homework and had a plan in place and understood the physical and mental gyrations my brain goes through getting off the nicotine  I would have had a much harder time. 

So thanks again to all of you who have come before me, blogging, lecturing, supporting, cheering, sharing, urging, prodding, teaching,.......You have been with me every step of this journey  and I thank you from my heart for your dedication, hugs and wisdom.


27 days smoke free