Blog Post created by virgomama on Oct 15, 2018

Today is my 14th day of  not smoking.  I'm feeling pretty good about that.  There was a lot of fear of failure behind this quit.  I'm not out of the clear by any means. Just feeling good about the journey so far.

Last week I felt pretty emotionally out of wack.  A little crying, lots of irritations mostly little nothings.  This week I'm starting out tired and very mentally foggy.  Yes I am getting good sleep with the help of an herbal sleep aid.  And I ate well all day.  I do think it's just my system readjusting after nicotine being withdrawn.  I stopped my patch Friday night so it has  been close to 72 hours.And I'm nicotine free as well as not smoking.   

I had a good two week journey using the nicotine patch which I'll review in more detail in another blog.

Tonight my daughter  lit up right in front of me while we were sitting outside.  I felt a small twinge of wanting to smoke.  Then it was gone.  I didn't even struggle too much.

I still spend almost  every moment thinking about not smoking or analyzing how I'm feeling based on what I've learned about nicotine withdrawal.  But the urges and craves aren't as strong.  at least for now.  I've changed up my morning routine so I'm in bed later doing stretches then just head to the shower.  That has really helped the morning craves.  I barely think about smoking in the a.m.  The car is now a no brainer.  The thought doesn't even come up.  I get a little crave after breakfast but I use an herbal lozenge and it goes away.  In fact I hardly had a crave  today.  The weekends I still have to keep pretty busy.  I find I want to take a break and smoke.  But...."I don't do that anymore.  What can I do instead?"  Deep breathing is one of my main go to's as well as sitting in our greenhouse and communing with the plants.  And I can't tell you what a lifesaver cinnamon sticks have been.  Especially on the weekend when I'm around my smoking partner a lot more. If I get a crave I can just chomp the dickens out of it and it can take the abuse plus give me a  little hint of that cinnamon  flavor after I work it awhile.  I even keep one at work. 

And water.  Lots and lots of water, especially at work.  Lemon water worked well for the weekend.  I have used lots of herbal no smoking lozenges.  I'm not really sure they do anything, but by the time I'm done sucking on them the crave is gone so the purpose is served either way.

I still wake up with a middle of the night crave, though it is not as strong as that first one I sent out a help call for.  Still breathing through it and using a Bach Rescue Remedy.  I am concerned about this being a vulnerable spot for me.  I am a regular waker in the wee hours always have been.  Smoking was a big part of I'll just sit here in the quiet and smoke then go try and sleep. A suggestion of crossword puzzles was made, but if I stimulate too much then I can't go back to sleep.I downloaded a meditation app that I want to try here if I can remember.  It is the middle of the night when I'm trying to think. 

Thanks to all of you Exers who have supported me through these first few days.  Your support and guidance has been immeasurable..  And darn it elvan I finally got those bubbles on my list, but the list didnt get to the store.,  Figures, huh?

Peace to you all


14 DOF